Budweiser Buddy Cup

Your best bar pickup-line may be gone for good

We all recognize the impact of social media on our lives. It has certainly changed the way we find, meet and talk about our favorite corner street bar.  Well, Budweiser is looking to take it a step further with the Buddy Cup.  Local bars are filling up mugs as bar stools line up fans for the NBA and NHL playoffs, I thought I’d share some bar mingling technology.  You have to watch this video from Budweiser.  Regardless of how techy or strange it might seem, do you think this is the future of our beloved watering hole hot spots? Does anyone even know their “sign” anymore? Lost is the long list of bad pickup-lines, juke boxes and phone numbers scribbled on bar napkins.

Share your thoughts – is the buddy cup too robotic and impersonal or is it the future of social mingling and the next best ice-breaker?

Budweiser Brazil is testing new concept called “The Buddy Cup,” a beer glass integrated with Facebook. Thanks to a microchip embedded in the bottom of the glass, two people can instantly become Facebook friends when cups touch.

To get started, drinkers have to connect their cup to their Facebook profiles by snapping a picture of the chip via a smartphone app. Check out the YouTube video above to see how it works.

Although the company hasn’t released many details about the Buddy Cup yet, it is intended to be used during the brand’s sponsored events such as concerts and festivals. No word yet on if we could see this pop up in the U.S. anytime soon.

This would certainly make it easy to meet people and exchange information while out with friends — and perhaps, it’s a more natural way to use technology in social settings than other connecting-concepts such as the QR-code Skanz bracelet or even the Bump app.