Key Concepts Brewers Should Consider at Beer Events


You may be producing great beer, but so do other breweries. Beer events provide the fastest and easiest ways for brewers to market their beer and showcase their brands. So, you have to make sure that you stand out with a professionally branded beer booth.

Listed below are a few concepts that you should consider at beer events. Read on and follow these tips.

Go out there

When choosing the right event for your brewery, there are 2 simple questions that you need to answer: What do you want to gain from this event? How established is your brewery?

If you are looking to launch your brand and gain a few followers, then it would be a good idea to go out there and infiltrate as many craft events as you can. Here, you can get a ridiculous amount of people to try your beer without exerting too much effort.

If you have a well-established brewery and wanted to maintain your market share, you have to be selective on the events that you wish to participate in. Make a list of the top 25 beer events throughout the year, then go out there and bring in your A game.

Marketing your brand

In a crowd of thousands of people and several other breweries, make sure that you keep up with the competition. Your goal is to get them to like your beer and make them remember who you are. By doing so, you can be sure that they’ll be buying your products later on.

Also, take note of what the popular breweries are doing to market themselves. Now, take a look at what you’re doing and see how you measure up to them.

Choose the right style of beer

Choosing the right beer is one of the most important elements of running a successful beer event. This is especially true if you have several styles under your belt. If you have been around for a few years, you might want to keep the crowd interested by bringing one of your special releases.

If you decide to skip the specialty beer, you may send a lesser known style that needs a little boost on the market. Most people may not be familiar with the other styles you brew since they are only purchasing the most popular style that everyone else is drinking.

Building a Beer Bar At Home


Any home brewer would agree that having a beer bar at home is a great idea. After all, anyone would be interested to have a place where they could entertain their friends and stock up on their favorite beverages. While the cost and the effort you have to put together to run a bar might seem daunting, it may not be that difficult considering that you have all the tools ready.

If by any chance you become interested to build your own bar, the overall design will depend on your personal preference and building skills. Now, we’re here to help you out by giving you a few simple tips to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Function first
It is important to choose a design that combines simplicity and functionality. Go with a freestanding design that is easy to construct. Also, make sure to provide enough space for storage and socializing. Since this project may involve a huge amount of money, it is best to go with a simple layout that you can build on your own.

Create a theme

In order to add character to your bar, consider sticking to a consistent theme. Also, make sure that all the decors, accent pieces, signs and posters complement one another. Feel free to visit a few local bars for inspiration.

Make sure that your stools match the color and wood grain of the bar. Also, the distance between the stool and the top of the bar should be around 10-12 inches. This is to ensure that the person seated at the bar is adequately comfortable.

Proper storage and refrigeration
If you plan to stock up on beer, proper refrigeration is important. A mini-fridge can usually hold enough beer to satisfy the demands of most beer drinkers. If you are also planning to serve champagne and wines in the future, cold storage is also needed. These tips are intended to help you get started. Building your bar may not be as difficult as it seem.

Promoting Your Craft Beer Bar through Social Media

Craft beer marketing becomes more fun as you learn to integrate social media into
it. Craft beer may only represent a small percentage of the beer market but the
number of craft beer drinkers tends to increase over time.
You can connect with your current and potential clients through social media. In this
article, we’ll give you a few advice on how get those customers coming through the
help of social media.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.34.09 PM
Use a #hashtag
In order to successfully promote your business via social media, you’ll have to use a
language that social media users know best – hashtags. This makes your
promotions more viral and personal.
Also, it is important to note that people between the ages of 21 to 28 are your
target audience. They are also the biggest social media users. You don’t need to be
a genius in order to match the connection between these two. Use a hashtag,
attract more customers and be rewarded with a batch of new customers.

Get your followers to take picture and post it on different social media
This is important as people trust the recommendations of someone they personally
know. This does not only help you reach more customers, it also gives people the
idea that your customers are having a great time.
Feel free to run a contest and encourage your followers to post their photos in
Facebook or Instagram. This will be a perfect way of building your beer tribe.

Keep them updated
Beer drinkers would be interested to know what you’re offering. These people
would be more than willing to visit your bar if you have what they want. Take a
photo and have it uploaded on your page. Mind you, photos are more effective than
plain texts.

Feed your followers with daily updates, photos or just about anything you want
them to know about your business. It is important to keep your page up to date and
encourage them to like, comment or share.

Organizing a Beer Festival

If you are planning to run a beer festival this year, there are a lot of things you have to consider. A beer festival is a fun event where beer lovers come together to share their passion for craft beer and introduce your product to new customers. Running a beer festival could be beneficial to your business, especially if you plan it right.
The date
The date of the festival could contribute to the success of your event. We suggest having it scheduled on a significant date like Halloween, Christmas, Cask Ale Week or other public holidays, where people would be looking forward to attend an event like this.  Also, you have to make sure that your event does not clash with other major events around your community.

The location
When organizing a beer festival it is important to determine the size of the location that could accommodate all your guests. But if this is your first event, we suggest that you start off small. After hosting a successful event, your attendees and resources would eventually expand, along with your confidence.
Another thing that you have to consider is the accessibility of the location. You have to make sure that the location is accessible to your target audience so as to increase the likelihood of your event’s success.

The equipment

In an event like this, it is important to anticipate all the potential challenges that may arise so you could prepare for it.
Since you’ll need more than one serving counter, you also have to determine the number of employees and additional equipment that you’ll need for this event. Also, determine how many chairs and tables you will need.
Beer selection
Beer selection is especially important in a beer event as this would contribute to the success of your event. Feel free to offer a range of beers, both local and national favorites.
It is important to have an estimate of how much beer you’ll need for this event. As we have mentioned earlier, if this is your first event, then you might want to start small.

Starting Your Own Beer Brand

Every guy would be interested to have his own brewery. Imagine having a beer that

is specifically crafted to your taste and is widely available at your favorite pub. You
can even have your face plastered on the beer bottle and have it named after you.
So, turn your dreams into reality. Follow these tips and start your own beer brand.

Do your homework
Research is an important aspect of every business. In order for you to understand
the ins and outs of the business and how to start a company, you’ll have to do your
homework and gather as much information as you can.
Collaborate with people Being new in the business, it would be best to work with people who are
experienced in this field. As an entrepreneur, you may have enough skills and
experience in selling your product, but you should also find someone to do the
brewing for you.

Grow slowly but smartly
Word of mouth is crucial in this business. So, you’ll have to have the best product in
order to please your consumers.
In the beginning, it’s all about selecting the right venue, improving the product and
building the brand. But at this point, you’ll have to be smart enough to decide when
to expand and how to properly execute your plans.
Financial investment
Breweries are super expensive. So, it is best to be prepared for it financially before
venturing into this business. If your investment is too small, you might not be able
to produce enough products.

Be specific
Spend enough time to determine how you want your beer to taste and look. Jot
down notes on what you specifically want and work on it. Also, consider if you want
to have a special ingredient to give your beer that signature taste.
This is important, especially for start-ups so you know what to achieve and be able
to properly gauge your success.