Brewing a Brand for Craft Breweries to Build a Brand and Market

4 Steps to Macro-Success

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Brewing a Brand for Craft Breweries

How to reach macro-success using micro-resources.
It’s all about brand, strategy and position.

It takes more than hops and malt to blend the perfect brew. It takes planning, awareness, loyalty and a little bit of luck. Great tasting beer is only one part of the equation – you need people to love it and love you. That requires a promise and that’s where you begin in building a brand.

…how are you creating distinction in your brand for long-term growth and awareness?

Growth of the craft brewing industry in 2011 was 13% by volume and 15% by dollars. The Brewers Association is aware of 250 brewery openings in 2011, with upwards of 450 under development for 2012-2013 opening.