Homebrewing: Gadgets to Make Brewing Easier

When it comes to brewing, ingenuity saves a lot of time and money. Homebrew gadgets are available in different shapes and sizes. Most of these gadgets may not be necessary, but a lot of brewers prefer to have them on hand as they make the brewing process a whole lot easier.

In an attempt to make the brewing process easier, we made a list of the most common homebrew gadgets that have helped brewers in their operation. Read on and see if these gadgets would benefit you too.

Wort chiller

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Most beginning brewers think that if they have enough patience, they don’t need to invest on a wort chiller. However, leaving the wort overnight and allowing it to cool down on its own mostly leads to contamination.

In order to minimize the risk of bacterial contamination, it would be best to use a wort chiller and chill the beer as quickly as possible.



If you want to know how strong your beer is, a hydrometer will allow you to calculate this. This tool can help you hone and perfect the craft while allowing you to make beer with exacting accuracy.

Racking cane


Most first-time brewers start brewing on bare bones system for a few months and eventually decide to invest on this tool. A racking cane is very useful as it allows liquid to be siphoned while filtering out undesirable solids from the fermentation vessel; thus, allowing you to save a lot of time.

Hop filter

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If you’re like most brewers, you prefer to put a lot of loose leaf hops into the beer as it boils. By doing so, you may have a hard time straining the beer as you put it in the carboy. A hop filter can help you with this.

By using a hop filter, you can be sure that the beer will be clear and beautiful. However, you first have to remove the big chunks with the use of a strainer.