Essentials of Beer Marketing

Just like any other business, marketing may be one of the biggest challenges you
are currently facing. This is especially true for new craft brewers. Well, we’re
guessing that you didn’t venture into this business because of marketing. Rather,
you decided to enter the business because of your passion in brewing the best beer
for you customers.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of brewers with great beer but are still struggling as
they fail to market their products effectively. Today, we’ll help you run an effective
marketing and advertising campaign that would turn into a rewarding sales cycle.

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Amazing products
Before we go into the specifics, you have to understand that great beer is the
foundation of a successful beer marketing. It is difficult to convince people to buy
your product if you are selling crappy beer. But if you are brewing a great-tasting
beer, then marketing and advertising would be a whole lot easier.
Compelling story
As a craft brewer, your passion about your beer is one of your greatest marketing
advantages. You should use it to your advantage. People are more likely to buy
from brands that they can trust and relate to.
People base their buying decisions on their emotions, rather that logic. So, go out
there and tell them your story. This doesn’t only help you sell beer, it also attracts
loyal customers.

Reach out to the influencers
While telling your story seems like the best strategy, you may not have enough
time and resources to talk to as much people. By conversing with the right people,
this will help bring you to the right track.
As consumers, we take recommendations from people we know and trust. As a beer
craft brewer, it is your goal to target the “influencers” and involve them in your
promotions and campaigns. Once they feel that they’re a part of your brand, you’ll
have a brand advocate that would help you sell your beer and grow your brand.

Go viral
Once you have a solid fan base, we suggest that you go out there and tell your
story through the Internet. Social media and blog sites would help you tell your story and reach more people at an incredibly low price. Mind you, you don’t need a production team in order to tell your story. All you need is a smart phone and your
genuine passion for your product and company.