Attract and Retain More Beer Fans

One of the greatest tools in event marketing is creating a 2-way communication portal that activates your visitor at the time of experience.  Remember these beer events bring hundreds of visitors and typically include a dozen or more beer vendors. The challenge becomes retention. How do you keep your product fresh and top of mind.

By adding QR hot spots you’ll never lose the attention of a beer enthusiast visiting your tent or tasting room – especially during the busiest times when it’s difficult to interact with everyone. We design a mobile interface that aligns with the objectives and goals of your brand or product push – providing important, relative, current information that delivers to their mobile devices instantly. Further more we help you construct a capture-criteria to gain specific insights. This can include quick evaluations, competitive interests, brand survey, needs assessment, enrollment or simply a quick way they can be reached for a follow up.

Leaders of Micro-Marketing Tactics | Tip #12 | Tasting Room Kits

Enhance the visitor experience with our Tasting Room Kits. Provide valuable insights about your product line up that is easily fed to your visitor’s mobile device. Include your top craft brews, beer profiles, locations and pubs that carry your product line – and offer a reward or discount when they answer a few quick questions about your brew.

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