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Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

Posted on Apr 21 by

For years, wine drinkers have been enjoying their drink without guilt thinking that this beverage brings about some health benefits. Recent studies revealed that beer is actually...


Excuses to Start Day Drinking

Posted on Apr 14 by

As a responsible adult, we make sure to drink in moderation and start drinking only after working hours. There is nothing wrong with drinking at night. But as the spring season...


5 Clever Ways of Using Beer

Posted on Apr 7 by

Aside from drinking, beer can also be used in a variety of ways. Though ingesting it is our favorite way of using it, we have compiled a few clever ways of using beer in our...


The Rise of the Beer Apps

Posted on Mar 31 by

Beer enthusiasts can rejoice with the introduction of numerous beer apps. After all, nothing is better than cracking open a frosty brew at the end of a tiring day. In an attempt...


Reasons Why You Should Drink Craft Beer

Posted on Mar 24 by

Craft beer may be a bit more expensive, but this means you are paying for a better product. If you are not into craft beer, then you are actually missing out on one of life’s...